Massage Cupping

About Massage Cupping!

massage cupping

Why Massage Cupping?

Massage cupping has been proven beneficial for cellulite reduction, detoxification, joint mobilization, lymph drainage, pain reduction, preoperative and postoperative therapy to shorten recovery time, releasing tight and contracted muscle tissues, arthritis, Parkinson’s disease, asthma, plantar fasciitis, athletic stress and injury, poor circulation, bursitis, chronic pain, sciatica, fibromyalgia, scoliosis, abnormal blood pressure conditions, sluggish colon or IBS, insomnia, anxiety, migraines/tension headaches, tendonitis, toxicity, neuralgia, balance Qi flow and more.

How is Massage Cupping performed?

This is not your traditional cupping session. Massage cupping is a gentle massage using suction cups. Suction cupping is not a skin irritant to the skin or body. The skin may turn red and have areas of discoloration when suction cups are used because of the toxins, lymph fluid and blood with the increased circulation caused from using the suction cups. The suction cups help pull circulation into tight and painful muscles to encourage them to release. This provides a level of comfort for those who are sensitive to pressures but have the need for the deeper muscular releases. Massage cupping helps break up burn and scar tissue and frees adhesions that keep the body from making full and complete movements without pain and restrictions.

Benefits of Massage Cupping

Take a look at the conditions below to read how cupping would work for you.

The more suction used with the cups the deeper the affect it will have on the deeper layers and tissues.  With the lifting from the suction and movement of the cup the less pressure is applied to the body enhancing the release and relax response.

The lift that is applied when the suction cup is engaged pulls the muscle and connective tissue from it’s resting position and encourages movement and relaxation.

Adhesions are formed when a muscle or the surrounding tissue have been locked in one place for too long and the tissues become stuck together. The suction helps to lift the tissues and free them so they are able to move freely which also helps to restore proper range of motion.

When muscles get tight they no longer allow proper flow of fluids (lymph fluid) within in the body.  By getting the muscles to release the fluids are able to move freely. Sometimes the lymph fluid pools due to lack of movement in the affected area. Lighter suction helps to pull and guide the lymph fluid to the lymph nodes for cleaning, clearing and renewing.

Inflammation is caused when proper flow of lymph fluid is interrupted or stalled.  The suction in cupping helps to move the fluid out of a concentrated area and get it to the lymph nodes where it can be purified and renewed therefore decreasing swelling and allowing clean fluid into the affected area to aid in quicker healing.

Illness happens when there is inflammation in the body. The immune system heavily relies on the lymph fluid in the body to take it where it needs to go.  When that flow is interrupted or becomes too congested, sickness and inflammation happen.

Toxins build up in pools where the flow of the lymph fluid has become stagnant which raises the PH balance within the body.  The suction of the cup along with the movement of massage helps to get the pools of toxins out of the tissues and into the lymph nodes so that they can be filtered moved out of the body itself and the body is able to move into its more natural alkaline state.

Congestion is caused when the lymph fluid has become concentrated and stuck in an area. The suction and movement of the cup carries the lymph fluid to the lymph nodes therefore releasing the buildup and congestion.

When muscles are too tight or lymph fluid is too concentrated, it restricts proper blood flow to an area.  With the suction and movement of the cup the blood is getting pulled, not only to the surface tissues but also through the deeper layers so that those tissues can receive the blood and oxygen they need in order to move and stay healthy.

Choose your Perfect Session

Beginner Session
30 Minutes


Per Session

Introductory session to help you become acquainted with the flow of energy and the benefits of Massage Cupping.

Intermediate Session
60 Minutes


Per Session

A more in depth treatment to help alleviate your symptoms and give you relief.